Creative Minds

As part of our Core Values, we have a team of seasoned professionals, creative minds, innovative spirit, love and respect for one another. Customer Centricity remains our core focus, defining roadmaps for businesses across Africa.

At More Solutions Technology we solve real challenges that add economic values. Helping businesses to suceed through developing technology platforms and products makes us excited. Beyond the customers need, we pave the next-step for their business!

  • Team Work
  • Customer Centricity
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Innovations
  • Trust

We Never Stop Learning...

Expertise & Beliefs

With a blended mix of professionals, team work and with great core values which forms our culture we are able to translate that by the way we deliver our work.

Everyone that forms the team are experts in their very own unique skill-sets which makes us different, thus priding in excellence as a team.

Products and Platforms we have developed over the years have carefully been well thought-out with standard best-practices which can be validated and can compete across the world thereby puting African business on a roadmap to success to the ever-changing demand from customers!

  • Professionals
  • Quality Assurance
  • Experts
  • Best Practice
  • Global Scale
  • Customers Growth

It is Quality Over Quantity.

How We Work

Drop your request, We analyse, We Design and We Develop.



Design is very important for us, it is a plan we must follow.



Depends on what your demands are be it Web or Mobile App, we will Excute and Implement.



A lot of testing goes into our development, pilot phase allows us to re-confirm our product, then we go-live when all checks are passed.

... Delivering Smarter Platforms for Businesses

Something to Know

We just want to tell you a bit of what we have achieved.

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